Cabo Spring Break 2020

Feb 28 → Apr 10, 2020

Cabo Spring Break 2020

Feb 28 → Apr 10, 2020

What’s included

Concerts (limited weeks)

Hotel room

Open bars

Night club entry

Tequila tasting

Pregame party

Paddle boarding




Party cruise


Snorkel cruise




Airport shuttles

Omnia Dayclub entry

Destination guide

With its pleasant dry desert weather (hot days, cool nights), there’s really no bad time to visit Cabo San Lucas. And fortunately, the weather cools off a bit January through May, making it the perfect spring break escape.

Spring Break 2020 Concert Lineup


Omnia Dayclub Cabo (Calendar)

Omnia Day Club features headliner artists and Spring Break events independent of JusCollege trips. Our Spring Break 2020 package offers travelers access* to Omnia, as space is available, giving priority to Omnia’s special guests and members.

*Transportation to Omnia (San José) not included.

Schools booked this year

Chandler-Gilbert Community College,
Johns Hopkins University,
Paris-Sorbonne University,
Tulane University,
University of Utah,
California State University Chico,
Central Washington University,
Indiana University South Bend,
Montclair State University,
SUNY Albany,
University of Delaware,
Wake Technical Community College,
Ferris State University,
Loyola Marymount University,
Purdue University,
Sacred Heart University,
University of Idaho,
University of Massachusetts Amherst,
University of Virginia,
Western Oregon University,
California State University, Los Angeles,
Loyola University Maryland,
West Virginia University,
Auburn University,
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona,
Northwestern University,
University of Wisconsin,
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,
Colorado School of Mines,
Seton Hall University,
University of Cincinnati,
University of Maryland,
Colorado State University,
Santa Clara University,
United States Military Academy at West Point,
University of Illinois at Chicago,
University of Puget Sound,
SUNY Cortland,
University of Notre Dame,
Texas Tech University,
University of Buffalo,
California State University, Sacramento,
San Francisco State University,
South Methodist University,
Vanderbilt University,

Boise State University,
University of Alabama,
Oregon State University,
University of California, Berkeley,
Binghamton University,
Boston College,
University of California, San Diego,
Lehigh University,
Eastern Washington University,
Gettysberg College,
Sonoma State University,
University of Chicago,
Harvard University,
Louisiana State University,
San Jose State University,
Stanford University,
University of Michigan,
St John’s University,
University of Miami,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
University of Florida,
Texas Christian University,
Michigan State University,
The University of New Mexico,
University of Oklahoma,

The University of Rhode Island,
Georgetown University,
Boston University,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
University of Washington – Seattle,
University of Missouri,
Duke University,
Villanova University,
University of Connecticut,
Bucknell University,
Arizona State University,
University of Pennsylvania,
Ohio State University,
Quinnipiac University,
Syracuse University,
University of Arizona,
University of Southern California,
Washington State University,
University of Arkansas,
The University of Texas at Austin,
University of Maryland – College Park,
Rowan University,
University of California, Los Angeles,
University of Nevada, Reno,
University of Wisconsin – Madison,
James Madison University,
Rutgers University,
University of Texas Austin,
University of Colorado Boulder,
Providence College,
Indiana University,
San Diego State University,
Pennsylvania State University

Why JusCollege?

We make Spring Break easier by curating travel, hotels, and entertainment into one exclusive package. All the fun, none of the hassle. Plus we offer one-of-kind add-ons and off-site adventures.

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What time zone is Cabo San Lucas in?

Cabo San Lucas is located on mountain standard time (GMT-7). This is the same time zone as Denver, Colorado. Cabo San Lucas is + one hour ahead of pacific standard time.

Where is Cabo? 

Cabo San Lucas is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico on the southernmost point of the majestic Baja California Peninsula.

What is the drinking age in Cabo?

The legal drinking age in Cabo is 18.

Is Cabo safe?

Absolutely. Rated as safe as Miami or London, Cabo is a beloved and safe tourist destination for thousands of travelers every year. In any destination, we advise travelers to use good judgment abroad, keeping luggage, passports, and other valuables in safe places at all times. Additionally, our world-class medical staff and security are always onsite to serve and address any concerns with health and safety.

Can you drink the water in Cabo Mexico? 

Most modern hotels and resorts have water filtration systems in place but it is always best practice to consume bottled water when traveling abroad.